CCSN @ the MOVIES!! #001 *****Spoiler Warning*****

Hi there and welcome to the first edition of CCSN @ the movies! I usually see about a movie a week, so i figured i’d blog my two cents about the movies i see, so here we go…

This week i saw Observe and Report, starring Seth Rogen and Anna Farris. Seth plays Ronny, the head of security at a mall, and he has the dream of being a real cop and being with Anna Faris’ character Brandy who works at the make up counter at the mall. So as the movie goes along, there is a flasher in the mall parking lot, exposing himself to about 15 women in the parking lot. Now its Ronny’s job to catch him, after the second attack of the flasher, with the flasher flashing Brandy this time, it gets to Ronny big time and now the cops are called in.

Now Ronny wants to nail the guy and doesn’t like the fact that Ray Liotta’s character is trying to catch the guy for the police. Eventually Ronny gets Brandy to goto dinner with him, she forgets about it and when he arrives to pick her up she is pretty wasted, but they go out anyway. Now at the restaraunt Brandy gets tanked on everything, so when they get back from riding his bike back to her house she throws up a little, but Ronny still kisses her, then brings her in side. They end up fooling around…

Now Ronny gets involved with the security team to find the flasher, now Dennis his right hand mand shows him how to be tougher, and later admits that he’s the one stealing from the mall which ticks Ronny off, then he gets knocked out by Dennis, so he lost the theif, he’s all down on himself again.

Meanwhile he meets Nell, who he gets free coffee from everyday, and kind of talks with her. So now to prove to Ray Liotta’s character, he decides to try to join the police force, so he trains, goes through the obstacle course, fills out all the paperwork, then its time for the psych eval, which he ends up failing. So hes down on himself and can’t believe it, eventually he finds brandy screwing Ray Liotta’s character in a car..

Next Ronny is pissed and goes to the make up counter, where Brandy is now working, he smashes the counter, so now his boss calls the cops when Ronny refuses to leave, so now he ends up fighting the cops, and eventually ends up in jail.

Now hes out of a job, hasn’t caught the flasher, so hes bummed out and his mom gives him some advice..Anyways he goes back to the mall as a customer, goes and sits at the coffee shop, Nell who was in a cast and hairnetted before is now out of the cast and has gotten her hair done. She tries to offer Ronny a free coffee, but he said he came there to pay for it…anyways She ends up kissing him, now the flasher strikes again, and Ronny goes chasing after him through out the mall, grabs his gun hidden near the makeup counter and ends up shooting the guy, now he cuffs him, his old boss gives him his job back for catching the guy, then he drags the flasher off to the cops and proves that he’s better then them.

Now we skip ahead a few months, and Ronny is back at the mall working, now he’s going out with Nell and happy…the end I’d give this movie a 7 out of 10, pretty funny, but only a little bit above an average comedy…PEACE


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