[Review]WWE Legends of Wrestlemania..

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania-Andre vs Hogan
Hey everyone-
Just bought WWE LOW last week, and thought I would give it a review…from a wrestling fan’s standpoint this game brings back a lot of memories. You have a lot of WWE Legends in the game and can relive the past. The graphics and sound are top notch, especially the commentary provided by Jim Ross & The King Jerry Lawler. Classic. The managers at ringside add a great touch to the game as they have more interactions and tempo in the match.

Some things I would have liked to see would be some more match types for online players, such as defending a title online, and the various match types available besides one-vs-one. I also feel that the Macho Man Randy Savage should have been included in this game, aside from the differences between WWE and Savage, the man deserves a spot in the game.

Besides those small gripes, overall a great game that has so much play. This game gets a 9.5/out of/10 from me.

What do you think?


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