The Original Wrestling Press #001

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Looking at RAW…
We start off with Randy Orton cutting a promo on how he was screwed by Triple H and that Triple H needed a sledgehammer to beat him at WM25, then says he wants a rematch and that he’ll destroy HHH and take the title, then goes on to threaten the McMahons including the grandchildren, this brings out Mr. McMahon, Vince gets in the ring and calls Orton out who is now in the aisle, tells Orton that at Backlash it’ll be a 6-man Orton and Legacy against Triple H and McMahons…this leads to Orton challenging Mr. McMahon to a match tonight, and Vince begrudgenly accepts, then states he’ll end Orton tonight…
Thoughts: Orton was pretty boring as usual and Vince was ok, setting up two matches that i’m not really looking forward too, mainly cause Vince is too old now and not convincable as a wrestler anymore…

Next: Match One: Lumberjack Match: Unified Tag Championship Match: Miz and Morrison vs. Carlito & Primo
Thoughts: Good athletic match, both teams were given a lot of offense, Morrison hitting the shooting star press onto the lumberjacks was awesome, i liked that the Colons won because i think Miz & Morrison have run their course and could become big stars on there own, never thought i’d say that about the Miz, but hey he worked his @$$ off…hopefully they keep the belts unified and maybe even redesign a new belt to be the unified tag titles and defended on all three brands…

Match Number 2: 10 Divas Tag: Team Smackdown(Gail Kim, Maryse, Natalya, Maria & Eve Torres) vs. Team Raw(Melina, Kelly Kelly, Jillian Hall, Mickie James & Layla)
Thoughts: I thought this was a pretty good back and forth match..for once they gave the worker divas some time, i liked that Mickie was the one to score the pin as i think she is very underated in WWE, by management lately…

Match Number 3: WrestleMania All-Star Match: Jeff Hardy, Ricky Steamboat, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and John Cena vs Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, Big Show, and Edge
Thoughts:This was a great match, i mean plenty of time, Ricky was great yet another night in a row, everyone got in great offense and had a cool ending with Rey and Ricky hitting top rope moves, then the celebration was cool, a final goodbye for Ricky(if we’re lucky it won’t be), great stuff…

Next: Vicky Guerrero announces she has decided to leave Smackdown and become the perminent GM of RAW…
Wasn’t really expecting this, but its good if WWE definately wants to “Shake things Up”…It’ll be intering to see who they “hire” to be SmackDown GM..

Match Number 4: Santin(a) Marella vs Beth Pheonix w/Rosa Mendez
Thoughts: Not much of a match, but Santin(a)’s promo was funny as hell, was surprised to see Santin(a) win, but i guess this’ll drag it on a bit…

Match Number 5: Randy Orton vs Vince McMahon
Thoughts: Was scared when Vince was dominating, but Randy came back and “killed” McMahon, with a great RKO, then Shane-O-Mac tries for the save but Legacy get to him, then Trips tries for the save but eventially is over taken…que music and here comes Batista!! Batista returns and takes out Dibiase and Rhodes, then Vince gets on the mic and announces that Batista will take his place at Backlash…pretty cool ending…

Backlash Card:
WWE Chamionship:
HHH(c), Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Legacy(Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase)
–winners team captain wins the title

World Heavyweight Title Match: Last Man Standing…Edge vs John Cena(c)

Thanks For reading i’ll be back…peace




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